Dr. Gart grew up in Merrick, NY, which had a lovely local park where all the kids would congregate to play. 

His mother, an elementary school teacher, brought the excitement of the stage and music into the home by appearing in the local community theatre and producing all the school musicals.

His parents tell the story of the time when he was 6 years old how he climbed up on a chair to get the phone book down from a shelf in the hall closet, so that he could find a guitar teacher.  Lessons started soon after and his love of the guitar and music deepened.  From middle school on into high school, he was always part of a band, and enjoyed practicing and playing for friends.  

Although he originally considered attending Juilliard, he ended up becoming fascinated with medicine, and subsequently attended medical school.  During medical school and residency training, Dr. Gart lived in New York City.  He became a regular, every Tuesday night, at the Village Vanguard Jazz Club.

He completed his schooling in Los Angeles and then started his own practice. However he never stopped collecting guitars or writing and playing music.

During a summer vacation with his family, Dr. Gart became aware of the music that the toddlers were listening to.  “It occurred to me that this age was such an important time in a child’s musical development.  After five or six years old, children have already tuned in to more commercial music.  At this young and impressionable age, I felt that music could and should be magical.  I was inspired to create something special, both musically and visually.  It was then that Leedo & Booey were born.”   

Dr. Gart and his wife live in Los Angeles, CA with their beautiful daughter Ali.

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Barump was spontaneously composed and sung acapella into my iPhone one evening.  I subsequently overdubbed the narration and the track served as a great backdrop for an introduction to all the songs on the album.

Brand New Day describes a typical morning in a child’s life, from brushing your teeth, to getting dressed and tying your shoes!

Family focuses on the relationships between family members and other relatives, teaching children the importance of family.

That’s My Doggy describes the love between a child & their best friend.

Finger Song simply teaches youngsters the names of their fingers!

Daddy’s Song was a made up song that my father used to sing to me and my brothers while driving in the car when we were young.  It features live klezmer musicians!

School Time emphasizes the importance of learning, at the same time making school a fun place to be!

Shopping Cart teaches children the importance of good food at the same time making shopping fun!

Playground is an energetic song that is built upon the rhythm of a jaw harp echoing the sounds in a playground including a seesaw and swings.

Train Song takes you on an exciting train ride through a make believe world. Meet Conductor Bob, and listen to him play the banjo.

My Bicycle reminds us all of the thrill of learning to ride a bike and is set to a funky reggae beat.

Owwee reassures a youngster that although it may hurt, it will get better and go away!

Bubbles is an adorable bath song set to the sound of a music box. Everyone loves a bubble bath!

What Goes Up teaches us the importance of having a positive attitude and trying to look on the bright side!

Bedtime is an enchanting lullaby that takes a child on a magical journey and off to sleep. I play it every night before putting my baby girl to bed.